Pemba Island

Pemba island is located about 80km from Zanzibar Island (Unguja), about the  same distance directly east of Tanga on the Tanzanian mainland. With its hilly  landscape and altitude not exceeding 100 metres above sea level at its highest  point, Pemba Island is by size smaller and a less known destination than Unguja.  Named “The Green Island” by the early Arab sailors due to her dense and  lush vegetation, Pemba has more natural forests, plantations and grows more  cloves than her sister island of Zanzibar (Unguja) to the south. The interesting  point about Pemba is its wealth of natural resources ranging from beaches to  mangrove ecosystems to natural forests. The coral reefs surrounding the island  protect a massive amount of marine species and offer some of the best diving  spots in the world. While much of the coast is lined with mangroves, there are a  few amazing stretches of shoreline and enough attractive offshore islands with  pure, clean beaches and interesting bird-life.