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When you visit Tanzania you should never miss the literally spectacular array of beaches which are just mesmerising! Bushbuck can organise your entire beach trip, whether you want to take in some rest and relaxation at the end of your safari trip or you prefer to just flop out on golden sands for as long as you need. As the country is so close to the equator the temperature is always hot and the beaches are the perfect place to enjoy miles of powdery white sand and endless turquoise blue water.

Beaches are located a couple of hours flight from the Northern Safari Circuit and just ¾ of an hour from the Southern Circuit which is why so many travellers choose to combine the two. So when you’re looking for something refined, perhaps peaceful and secluded or you want to explore the marine life that Tanzania has to offer – rest-assured, Tanzania has something for you.

Restful, Secluded & Quiet

For peace and quiet there’s nothing better than escaping to the shores of Zanzibar or visiting along the mainland coast of Tanzania’s mainland. We recommend the South of Dar and Sadaani National Park where you will find beaches and islands close to Zanzibar, the Pemba Islands and Mafia. These areas boast incredible marine life and are excellent for snorkelling and diving.

Another area of exquisite beauty is Vamizi Island which is extremely picturesque and sits on the edges of the Indian Ocean and features a huge lagoon that stretches along the edges of the island. So if you’re looking for palm trees, pure sand, golden beaches and azure coloured sea you will find it here.


Zanzibar Beaches

The island of Zanzibar is a destination you should try and visit as it offers a selection of incredible beaches alongside plenty of cultural interest too, such as Stone Town which boasts Arabian fortresses. The island itself is relatively unspoilt and stretches 100km from the North to the South. The beaches are powder-white and surrounded by barrier reefs along the Indian Ocean. The best beaches are alongside the Eastern coast where you can see coral in its natural habitat. The Western side of Zanzibar has a few great looking beaches around Kendwa although this part of Tanzania is not normally the main area for beach tourists.

Zanzibar has plenty of beach activities including scuba diving, snorkelling and if you do visit, the seafood is excellent.

For Seclusion: The South Of Dar

  • Honeymooners or those of you who are seeking complete seclusion will adore the South of Dar which is one of Tanzania’s most spectacular areas and a great place to really revel in complete isolation while taking in the magnificent beach scenery.

  • For Watersports: Zanzibar, Mafia & Pemba Islands

    If you enjoy diving, kit surfing, sailing and snorkelling then travel to the Mafia and Pemba Islands or the beaches off the coast of Zanzibar which have the most incredible marine life to explore. The beaches are notoriously splendid and the water is so clear that you can see fish darting across the shore line while taking in the miles of endless sunshine, blue sea and white sand.

  • For Photographic Opportunities: Pemba Island, Mafia Island, Vamizi Island

    These areas are absolutely exquisite and ideal opportunities for that desert island photograph everyone wants! Picture lagoons, barrier reefs, coral, endless miles of soft, powdery golden sand and deep blue waters that stretch as far as the eye can see all in a backdrop of swaying palm trees.

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